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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Blog Hop!

Sandpiper Memories is a handmade papercrafts and jewellery business. My name is Jenn and I am the proud owner of Sandpiper Memories.  We create and sell cards, custom scrapbook albums, wedding invitations, favors and many other paper craft items. Recently we have started selling handcrafted jewellery such as earrings, chain maille, silk focal necklaces, bracelets, beaded necklaces, wire wrapped pendants and much more.  I am a busy mom to 3 boys and will be posting many new items to my shop in the next few weeks.  To see my items for sale on Gabry Road visit:

Don't know about Gabry Road?  It is a Canadian online crafters marketplace where you can buy wonderful handmade items.

I am also happy to introduce you to a wonderful shop on Gabry Road called Flourishy.  This shop is run by Rosa.  She creates beautiful handmade items with fabric and paper and she was a wonderful vintage flair.  To visit her blog go to

Friday, August 24, 2012

We Make Jewellery Too!

Sandpiper Memories has started making jewellery.  For more of our pieces you can visit and

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shower Card

Here is a card made for a wedding shower.  I just love hydrangeas.  :)

Father's Day Card

Nautical Card

Nautical Father's day Card

Teacher Card

This card was made for my son's teacher who drives a black truck.

Nature Card

This card was made for my husband's birthday.

For My Sister

I made this card for my sister.

Card and Gift

This birthday card and matching gift bag was made for my Nana.  I put chocolates inside the bag.

Another Birthday Card

A card for my other cousin's birthday (they're twins).  :)

Birthday Card

I made this card for my cousin's birthday.

Place Cards


I created two banners for the wedding, one for the seating chart table and one for the guest book table.

Adult Favours

The adult favours I created for Liz and Chad's wedding were seed packets.  Inside was a package of hydrangea seeds and a thank you message.  The card had a ribbon on the end so it would easily slide out of the sleeve.

Guest Book

For the guest book, I decorated a bamboo bread box.  Each guest signed a card inside and wrote a special message for the bride and groom.

Table NumbersT

These were the table numbers that I made for Liz and Chad's wedding.

Chair Back Cards

These went on the back of the chairs at Liz and Chad's Wedding.  They either had the Gitxsan symbol for the orca, wolf or frog to honour the bride's heritage.

Closeup of Seating Chart Card

Wish I could have figured out how to orient the photo correctly.  A little blip in my journey with blogger.  :)

Seating Chart

The seating chart for Liz and Chad's wedding was hung on tree branches (in a vase) that were sprayed in silver.  Some cards had the Celtic tree of life and others had the symbol of the Orca.  Both images represented the heritage of the bride and groom.

Closeup of the Cupcake Boxes

Closeup of the Cupcake Boxes

More Cupcake Boxes

The children at Liz and Chad's wedding received Penguin cupcakes as their favours.  These were the boxes I made for the girls.

Cupcake Boxes

The children at Liz and Chad's wedding received Penguin cupcakes as their favours.  These were the boxes I made for the boys.

Wedding Gift Bags

I made these gift bags for the attendant gifts at Liz and Chad's wedding.

Catching Up on My Blogging

I have been having some technical difficulties and I am going to try and post what I have been working on for the six months.  Wish me luck!

Blog Trouble

I have decided to keep my blog here because I can't get the features I want on the other site.